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GO Canada GO!

I love watching Curling ! It is full of warm memories of the Thornton Wooden Arena, where our Flag Store Founder Gordon Burke, was the Arena Manager. Many late nights for us kids growing up, was organizing the Curling stones for the next day and lots of thick hot chocolate to drink. Way to go Canada…it’s another GOLD at the Olympics!

Olympic Games Flag

As we approach the Winter 2018 Olympic Games in South Korea next month, The Flag Store is asked at times to provide an Olympic flag for business or personal use. We are not able to produce or fly this Logo flag, as it is the Property & Logo that belongs to the IOC only. The Olympic Games unifies the whole world and the International Olympic Committee demands that this famous … Read More →

Go Canada Go

IMG_1509 (1)

  Proud to be supporting our local athletes like Lenny Valjas in Pyeong Chang 2018.

Flag Day


The National flag of Canada was inaugurated on February 15, 1965. The anniversary of this date is officially called the “National Flag of Canada Day”, which is often shortened to “Flag Day”.

Who Are We

The Original Flag Store opened for business in 1965 in the small town of Thornton, Ontario -– just one hour’’s drive north of Toronto. We quickly became known as the company who could make a business, a cottage or an event burst with colour and pride. In 1965 any individual could walk into our store and ask, “ “Can you put this on a flag?”” …and our response was almost … Read More →

Look for us at The Toronto Spring Cottage Show

It is a unusual place for The Flag Store to be in this week, as we have decided not to go to the Toronto Boat show this year with a booth. Although we will terribly miss our customers ( that we consider good friends and recognize from year to year, even remembering your boat ). We found that as in many business’s today, our Online Sales and website has also … Read More →



With the holidays fast approaching make sure you check out our new “Holiday Gift  Section” on our online shopping.  So easy and we can ship it too you!

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