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National Day for Truth and Reconciliation September 30th


Each year, September 30 marks the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.

The day honors the children who never returned home and Survivors of residential schools, as well as their families and communities.

The #1 Question We Are Asked

The Number 1 question we are asked is “what size flag should I buy?”.  The size of the flagpole helps determine the correct flag sizing for the flag.



4’ FLAGPOLE = 18”X36” (1.5’X3’) FLAG
5’ FLAGPOLE = 24”X48” (2’X4’) OR 27”X54” (2.25’X4.5’) FLAG
18’ FLAGPOLE = 27”X54” (2.25‘X4.5’) FLAG
20 – 25’ ALUMINUM FLAGPOLE = 36”X72” (3’X6’) FLAG


20’ FIBERGLASS – 36”X72”(3’X6’) FLAG
25’ FIBERGLASS – 36”X72” (3’X6’) FLAG – MAX SIZE: 45”X90” (3.75’X4.5’)
30’ FIBERGLASS – 45”X90” (3.75’X7.5’) – MAX SIZE: 54”X108” (4.5’X9’)
35’ FIBERGLASS – 54”X108” (4.5’X9’) – MAX SIZE: 60”X120: (5’X10’)
40’ FIBERGLASS – 54”X108” (4.5’X9’) – MAX SIZE: 72”X144” (6’X12’)

We Install Flagpoles

town of innsifil

What a beautiful Formenta Fiberglass Flagpole with an Inclusive Pride Flag that we installed at Innisfil Park.  We take care of everything start to finish.

“In the spirit of diversity, equity and inclusion, the Town of Innisfil is introducing a permanent landscape feature at Innisfil Beach Park to acknowledge the Town’s commitment as a welcoming community”


June is National Indigenous History Month


June is National Indigenous History Month in Canada.

June Is Pride Month


The ever-changing Pride symbol has been revised again, and in 2021 designed by Daniel Quasar was updated to be even more inclusive. The Inclusive Pride Flag.

In Vecchietti’s version, a purple circle overlaid over a yellow triangle has been added to the chevron on the left side of Quasar’s design, a nod to Australian Morgan Carpenter’s famous 2013 intersex flag.

New Item Alert-Staff Favourite


We have some new garden banners that we are all loving here at The Flag Store.  What a great gift idea for the animal lover in your life .

Formenta Fiberglass Flagpoles

caledon pole (1)

Formenta Signature™ flagpoles  are the leaders in fiberglass flag poles and are known to be the world’s maker of the finest quality flagpoles.  In 1972, Olov Nyholm took his 26 years of flagpole making experience and began Formenta with one mission – to be the world’s maker of the finest quality flagpole.  Formenta, to this day combines the Swedish handcrafted tradition with state-of-the-art technology to produce each magnificent Formenta flagpole.  Formenta continues to fashion flagpoles using an exact blend of woven roving fiber and resign to add strength and durability to every Formenta flagpole.  Formenta’s elegant fiberglass flagpoles utilize SilentShaft™ technology to prevent noisy halyard clanging.  Formenta is recognized as the worlds’ only ISO registered maker of fiberglass flagpoles for its dedication to consistent product quality and commitment to environmental responsibility. A high and consistent quality standard for their products is of highest importance, to meet the demands from our customers.  Through close and active relations with our suppliers, we meet market needs and work for future product development.  All Formenta flagpoles are made from long lasting glass fiber reinforced polyester and their maintenance free material combines guaranteed strength and low weight with a brilliant, clean finish.

Formenta Signature™ Series is the benchmark line in our selection of fiberglass flagpoles.  All Formenta flagpoles are made from long lasting glass fiber reinforced polyester.  The maintenance free material combines guaranteed strength and low weight with a brilliant, clean finish.

We are the North American dealer for Formenta Flagpoles, give us a call!


Made In Canada


Did you know that we proudly make our Canada Nylon Sewn Flag at our factory at 176 Saunders Rd in Barrie , Ontario Canada.  Proud to be Canadian!

May The Luck Of The Irish Always Be With You !

shamrock flag 3


What is St Patrick’s Day?  St. Patrick’s Day is the feast day Of St Patrick. Originally celebrated with religious feasts and services, St. Patrick’s Day became a celebration of Irish culture when it reached the United States alongside Irish immigrants.

External And Internal Halyard Flagpole Explained


Ever wonder what the difference is between an Internal and External halyard on a flagpole?

An External Halyard Flagpole System places the rope on the outside of the flagpole. The rope is exposed on the outside of the flagpole and travels through the truck at the top of the flagpole. An external cleat completes the rigging allowing the halyard to be tied off at about 4 1/2′ from the base of the flagpole. This enables ease of operation allowing the flag to be displayed and move up and/or down as required.

The Internal Halyard Flagpole System conceals the rope on the inside of the flagpole. Internal Halyard flagpoles are more expensive than comparable external halyard flagpoles but they offer a more streamlined look and security. The rope is in the inside of the flagpole and travels up and out of the truck at the top of the flagpole. The rope  is secured near the bottom of the flagpole with a cam cleat . The rigging is accessible and controlled after unlocking an access door.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

image0 (2)

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Garden Banners are such a quick and easy way to decorate for a special day.  Our Thornton Retail Store always stocks an amazing variety. Check out the window display at our Thornton Retail Store(shown in photo).

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