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Listen to Cecilia Burke’s Interview on Rock 95 About The Red Ensign

It’s called a Red Ensign, but a lot of people would be hard-pressed to tell you what it is, especially if they were born after 1965. Cecilia Burke of The Original Flag Store will be helping to raise a Red Ensign flag outside of Innisfil Town Hall this morning to mark Heritage Week. She says it predates our red and white Maple Leaf flag and was often flown alongside the Union Jack, which had ‘official’ flag status prior to 1965, “However, Canada wanted to make that they had a flag that depicted some of the provincial symbols, so that’s why the Red Ensign was raised and designed.” It features a Union Jack in one corner, as well as a Coat of Arms. There’s also a Blue Ensign, which was for use at sea. Burke says if you flew it on land, you were fined $2000 or spent 21 days in jail.

For more on the Red Ensign, flags in general and how to properly dispose of a flag that’s tattered and torn, listen to our full interview with Cecilia Burke.

Open link below and then scroll down to the bottom and click on…  What’s A Red Ensign?’s-a-red-ensign

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