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Jean Vanier Catholic High School Multi-Cultural Night


Jean Vanier Catholic High School held their first annual Multi-Cultural Night last week which featured wonderful entertainment, food and of course Flags from The Original Flag Store!  The night was a huge success!

Flag Protocol Facts

When displaying the Canadian flag with a white header against a wall or a flat surface, always make sure that the white header part is on the left, to the view of the public.  Even if this is on a fence or a school dorm wall.  If the header is on the right, the flag is considered “backwards”.

Flags will fly half-mast for the Honourable Lincoln Alexander

October 19, 2012
Flags at all Ontario government buildings and establishments across Ontario will be flown at half-mast until sunset on Friday, October 26, the day of the funeral for the Honourable Lincoln Alexander, 24th Lieutenant Governor of Ontario.

Custom Appliqued Flag – The Final Trimming


Just putting on the finishing touches for this beautiful hand sewn (Appliqued) Flag.

Remembering the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games – President & CEO, Cecilia Burke

Remembering the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games – President & CEO, Cecilia Burke

This picture is from The Original Flag Store archives and features our fearless leader Cecilia Burke and was taken during our ramp up for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games.

Custom Appliqued Flag – The Sewing Begins


In this photo you can see the incredible detail and Intricacy involved in creating this Custom Flag design… Stay tuned for a photo of the final product!

This Year Marks the 40th Anniversary for Team Canada 1972


This year marks the 40th anniversary of what is arguably one of the most important sporting events in Canadian history. In September 1972, Team Canada and Team USSR took part in the Summit Series between the best hockey powers in the world. The Summit Series was the first competition between the Soviet and an NHL-inclusive Canadian national ice hockey team. Most Canadians expected the series to be a one-sided win for the NHL’s best professionals. At that time, the Soviets had dominated World and Olympic play since 1962, but they were only amateurs. For years, the best amateur teams in Canada were easily able to win World Championships and Olympic gold medals, but by the 1960s this was no longer true. Canada’s top amateur clubs found themselves unable to compete with the Soviet Union and other top European countries. The International Ice Hockey Federation denied them the use of professional players, and as such, Canada withdrew from international competition in 1970. Canadian fans were longing to see a series that would pit their best professionals against the best the Soviets had to offer. In September of 1972, they got their wish!

This epic eight-game series has become one of the most fascinating sports spectacles of the 20th century. On September 28, 1972, Paul Henderson scored the series-clinching goal against goaltender Vladislav Tretiak. Canada won the series four games to three with one tie, instantly igniting widespread nationalism and pride.

The overall success of the series has lead to the creation of the Canada Cup in 1976 and has since been succeeded by the World Cup of Hockey in 1996.  The team as a whole was inducted into the Canadian Sports Hall of fame in 2005. For the 35th anniversary of the series, Canadian and Russian junior teams competed in the 2007 Super Series and the 2012 Canada-Russia Challenge.

Fall is here!


This picture was taken outside of The Original Flag Store.  The changing leaves and spectacular colours are letting us know that fall is here and so too is our wide selection of fabulous Fall & Halloween banners!

Fun With Flags – The Big Bang Theory

The Original Flag Store Provides Sensational Flags for ALG’s Commercials!

The Original Flag Store adds a burst of colour using sensational purple flags to show case ALG’s newest Lottery Game “GeoSweep” in their commercials.

Watch the link below!

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